Juliane Berry


Juliane Berry is an international fine art wedding and portrait photographer based in Paris, France. Trained classically in the art of film photography, she began her professional career in 1995 in Los Angeles. Juliane has established clientele throughout California and Europe. She specializes in film photography and hand painting black & white gelatin silver photographs - a dying art practiced since 1860. She has exhibited her photographs in galleries in Los Angeles and the Seattle Design Center. She shoots with a variety of film and digital cameras, including a vintage Rolleiflex.


I photograph people, with their many unique expressions and beautiful emotions. I'm drawn to the elegant and timeless feel of black & white photos and I have a strong passion for film photography. I absolutely adore the organic nature of film as well as the beautiful colors that film delivers. I put my heart and soul into every photograph. My goal is to capture those perfect fleeting moments and make them timeless. When I feel a connection with my subject, that's when I shoot. Those are the moments that are special, the moments that connect my viewer to my subject.


I custom print my black and white film photographs on gelatin silver paper in a darkroom, hand painting select photos to express and evoke emotion. I enjoy working with soft, pastel oil paints to create a whimsical and romantic feel. I create this dreamy effect by applying photo oil paints directly onto a custom printed silver photograph. The paint colors and saturation depend on the subject matter and mood of each individual image. Every hand painted photograph is an original one of a kind, no two are exactly the same.